KL Gangster (2011) Dvdrip Mediafire

Story of two sisters who were trapped inside the world of gangsters, a man named Jai Malek and another. The brother of Malek has been jailed for 5 years due to betrayal by his own group who masterminded by Shark stepchild to the King, the head of a triad of the most influential people in KL. For Malek after his release he wanted to change the perception of life and stay away from black life as a triad member.

Routine of ordinary life while keeping her mother at the old but as a former prisoner of highly stigmatized by the society he is a bit difficult to live as normal. He was often harassed by other gangsters-gangster who still bear a grudge with him until the King appears to Malek help start a new life. Orangorangnya King ordered not to interfere with Malek, and this area is not liked by her step son Shark who wants to become "King" in KL this. Different about the life of her sister who still live in the luxury of drifting saddled the gangster world.

For Jai luxuries of life is everything and this can only be achieved with the black world of work today. He'd do anything for money and power. Jai strong antaraorang Shark in the Shark What to do missions. Jai is the one who will step forward to realize the direct any Shark. Shark growing wings. But with the emergence of Malek, Shark feel more threatened. She feels challenged. Several ways to drop Malek but always broken by his stepfather King who often defends Malek is considered a friend.

Not happy with King Shark are constantly neglected sparked controversy involving groups other dark. This makes the child father relationship is getting cold. Because of Shark tamakan start grudge with his father and Malek. the Shark, Maleklah source of everything. Thus, the Shark ordered to remove his brother Jai. Here begins the conflict between his loyalty and family and group ... Life or self esteem. Where is the end of their battle ... everything will be answered in "KL Gangster."

Aaron Aziz (Malik)
Syamsul (Shark)
Adi Putra (Jai)
Soffi Jikan (Ajib)
Adam Corrie (Dragon)
Ridzuan Hashim (King)
Zizan Raja Lawak (Fadil)
Sheera Iskandar (Zati)

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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